White Lies


Qeemay walay naan; yes, and he had two the other day. A television anchor swears that former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is, in fact, playing fast and loose with his diet. This is the smoking gun, says the pundit, to show that the League chief is fit and fine, as opposed to be teetering on the edge of death as the party claimed.

The truth, as is usually the case with a lot that the commentariat swears by, is far from that. Sharif has been following an austere, healthy diet since much before his current predicament.


The JUI-F has thrown a spanner in the works by not throwing a spanner in any of the works.

If the ruling party was banking on an unruly crowd that could be demonstrated to be one that merited a response by the armed forces, they were mistaken. The JUI-F behaved with such discipline that even their antagonist anchors in the media remarked about how they were making sure their stop-over in Lahore wasn’t impeding the functioning of the Lahore BRT. And they were as peaceable in Islamabad.

Furthermore, the party showed some resourcefulness on the tech front by bringing solar panels to cook their food and charge their phones etc.

In any case, this just might be the calm before the storm. All eyes on Peshawar Morr right now.