Sindh police arrest suspect in honour killing case


KHAIRPUR: Sindh police has arrested a suspect involved in the honour killing of a teenage girl, a media outlet reported.

According to reports, the suspects stormed a house in Kumb town of Khairpur district in February and kidnapped 13-year-old Rimsha Wassan who was later murdered in the name of honour in front of her family.

After reports of this incident circulated in the media, police were forced to arrest the influential Zulfiqar Wassan, who was later sent to jail.

In the meantime, the victim’s mother Khursheed Begum recorded a video statement wherein she alleged that she along with other members of her family were being kept in confinement and were being forced to withdraw the murder case.

“The jailed Zulfiqar Wassan is issuing threats from over the phone,” Khursheed Begum said.

“His (Zulfiqar Wassan’s) supporters are intimidating us by opening fire at our home,” she added.

She called for action against those pressurising her family to withdraw the case against her daughters’ killers.

Zulfiqar Wassan is also wanted by the police in several other murder and kidnapping cases.