Nawaz’s platelets count to improve gradually: Dr Ayaz


LAHORE: Professsor Dr Mehmood Ayaz, the head of medical board formed for former Nawaz Sharif’s health, on Thursday that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supreme leader’s blood platelets count is presently 35,000, which will further increase gradually.

Speaking to the media after a meeting of the board, he said that the blood platelets will now gradually increase by around five to six thousands daily. “His health has improved,” he added.

The doctor said that Nawaz’s medical treatment will be continued and he will not be discharged from the hospital at the moment.

Earlier, he said that a course of injections has been completed and the senior doctors will be consulted over the health of former premier in the meeting of the medical board.

Platelets are tiny blood cells that help the body form clots to stop bleeding. If blood vessels in the body get damaged, platelets rush to the site of damage and form a clot to fix the damage.

Sharif was admitted to the Services Hospital in Lahore after his blood platelets count went down to dangerous levels.