Ahmed Shehzad charged with ball tampering


Pakistan cricket team’s opening batsman Ahmed Shehzad has found himself in hot waters once again, this time as a consequence of someone else’s actions as he has been charged with ball tampering in Quaid e Azam Trophy under non-identification process.

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) in a statement on Thursday stated that Central Punjab captain Ahmed Shehzad has been charged for altering the condition of the ball as per the non-identification process, however the decision will be announced tomorrow.

According to sources, the incident took place during the first innings of Sindh against Central Punjab at Iqbal Stadium Faisalabad on the second day of play between the two sides.

Field umpires Zameer Haider and Mohammad Asif noticed that the condition of the ball was changed during the initial overs of Sindh’s first innings but it weren’t able to identify how exactly the ball’s condition  was tampered.

The ball was immediately changed and both the teams were informed about the decision.

According to the rules, Shehzad, who is leading the Central Punjab side, is charged with level one offence, under the clause 2.14 of PCB’s code of conduct.

Match referee Nadeem Arshad has summoned Shehzad for hearing and the decision, as confirmed by the PCB, is set to be announced on Friday afternoon.

The opening batsman is likely to receive a fine of 50% of his match fees.