White Lies


Plenty of faux concern for the nation’s incarcerated population in the wake of former PM’s bail on medical grounds. What about the rest of the poor prisoners? Well, a) they are also medically evaluated and b) not even a peep out of this lot about the conditions in the prison and the welfare of the imprisoned otherwise.

In any case, it was also amusing to see the PM tweet about how concerned he was about his predecessor’s health when he had announced from a stage in the US, to cheering fans that he would remove the air-conditioner of Sharif’s jailroom, health concerns be damned.


A bizarre case with the cancellation of the JUI-F Hafiz Hamdullah’s CNIC. The man stands a non-person in Orwellian terms; he’s stateless, since the Afghan government would also presumably have no record on him.

The case was already going on and we just rejected his application, screams Nadra, nothing to do with the timing, nothing to see here, move along folks!

Yeah, right.