PM Imran ‘concerned’ with IPC ministry’s conduct over sports reforms


Prime Minister Imran Khan has expressed concerns at Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination’s continued disregard for the recommendations made by a task force on sports, and given it a week’s deadline to implement the recommended reforms, a local media outlet reported on Saturday.

In a written statement issued from the PM’s office, the premier showed his reservations against the conduct of the ministry at the unnecessary delays in implementation of the reforms.

Subsequently, Federal Minister for Inter Provincial Coordination, Dr Fahmida Mirza has been issued special instructions to compile a report and inform the prime minister within a week.

It is pertinent to mention here that PM Khan, himself a renowned former athlete, soon after taking the office, had expressed his displeasure at the performance of various sporting bodies at national level and set up a task force to revamp them.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ehsan Mani was appointed the head of the task force.

While the PCB has restructured its own domestic system the past few months, same cannot be said regarding the rest of the national sports governing bodies.

Meanwhile, informed sources told the Urdu daily that the privatisation of the Pakistan Sports Board is also under consideration.