Those surprised by my sharpshooting tweets clearly didn’t see tattoo on my arm in FHM shoot: Veena


UNDISCLOSED LOCATION – Nation’s leading weapon of mass destruction, Veena Malik, has called out her detractors as ‘unpatriotic perverts’.

In an exclusive interview with The Dependent, the mode and place of which cannot be disclosed keeping in mind the national security climate, Veena condemned those claiming to be surprised by, or questioning, her ‘sharpshooting tweets’.

“Clearly they did not see the tattoo on my left arm in the 2011 topless FHM photoshoot that I did,” Veena told this scribe.

“And considering that the entire nation saw the FHM photoshoot, those who missed the tattoo, clearly had their eyes elsewhere,” she added.

However, Veena clarified that despite the obvious allegiance, loyalty and remote employment, she is working independently.

“I’m a self-employed, freelance weapon. I choose my projects and work completely for my own self, and self-satisfaction. That’s the beauty of being your own boss, and not working 9 to 5,” she said.

“Let’s not forget that we’re in the middle of unconventional warfare. I’m an unconventional weapon that can win us this war. I’m the digital nomad of fifth generation warfare,” she added.