Pakistan cricket needs experienced newcomers: Ramiz Raja


LAHORE – In his latest razor sharp critique of Pakistan cricket in ‘Ramiz Speaks’, former captain and leading commentator Ramiz Raja urged Chief Selected and Head Coach to ‘think outside the box’.

Criticising the selections for the upcoming tour of Australia, Raja said that the squads don’t have what Pakistan cricket requires to beat Australia.

“Pakistan cricket needs experienced newcomers to overcome mighty Australia in Australia,” Raja said in the latest video uploaded on his YouTube channel on Tuesday.

“Playing experienced cricketers who aren’t fresh in international cricket, or newcomers who don’t have the experience of international cricket just won’t cut it,” he added.

Raja further urged the head coach and chief selector to be braver in his decisions, saying that the players who have beaten Australia in Australia are right there in front of his eyes.

“Not only do we need experienced newcomers, we need those experienced newcomers who have had the experience of beating Australia in Australia – because that’s the challenge in front of the Pakistan team right now,” Raja said.

“And if Misbah looks closely, and become braver, he’ll see our domestic cricket full of players that fulfill that billing,” the former captain added.