Cabinet decides to separate CDA board from management


ISLAMABAD: The federal government has decided to separate the management and the board of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) to end any conflict of interest.

CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmad presented the proposal for restructuring the CDA’s board whereby it was proposed that instead of the current executive board consisting of regular CDA officers, the board would comprise both public and private sector professionals who would oversee the working of the CDA’s management.

Sources said that the board is an executive decision-making body, and if it were allowed to function as before serious conflict of interest(s) may emerge.

According to the proposal, the CDA board will consist of nine members, including five from the private sector, and four ex-officio members including the Rawalpindi commissioner, ICT Deputy Commissioner, Federal Government Employees Housing Authority director-general and the CDA DG Finance/ CFO (who would be from the public sector).

The proposal stipulated that the board’s chairman would be from the private sector.

Sources said that the managing director (MD) of CDA would also be from the private sector and will have a rank of a BS-20/21 level officer.

All wings of the CDA including director-generals of administration, human resources, financial adviser, land, engineering, planning, and labor will report to the MD, while the MD, in turn, will report to the CDA board, according to the cabinet’s decision.

Sources said that the cabinet directed the interior division to settle the matter of unplanned developments on KP’s side of the hill-range.

During the meeting, the prime minister directed the CDA to follow parameters detailed in the report prepared by the advisor on institutional reforms and austerity.

It is pertinent to mention here that Dr Isharat Hussain is also working on the restructuring of the CDA, MCI and ICT and also briefed CDA officials a few weeks ago.