JuD chief Hafiz Saeed made Salahuddin’s father forgive policemen: report


Mohammad Afzaal, the father of Faisalabad ATM robber Salahuddin Ayubi who died in Rahim Yar Khan police’s custody in September, pardoned the policemen involved in torturing his son to death on Jamaatud Dawa chief Hafiz Saeed’s request, the BBC Urdu reported Monday.

Afzaal announced pardoning the policemen involved in torturing Salahuddin to death at a mosque in Gujranwala last week.

He told BBC Urdu that he pardoned the policemen of his free will. However, Afzaal said he received Saeed’s message from Lahore’s camp jail.

“I was taken to the prison and Hafiz Sahab gave me three options: the policemen are ready to face the punishment if you want; they are ready to give you money if you demand blood money; or you can forgive them for Allah,” Afzaal was quoted as saying.

According to the police, Salahuddin died in their custody after suffering a heart attack following his arrest in Rahim Yar Khan.

His father had earlier claimed that his son was brutally tortured in police custody.

All the three policemen, including SHO Mehmoodul Hassan, have been reinstated after they were pardoned by Salahuddin’s father, according to a spokesperson for the Rahim Yar Khan police. They have been told to report to the Police Lines.