Terrorism is an irreconcilable offence, rules SC


The Supreme Court (SC) on Friday ruled that terrorism is an irreconcilable offence and a settlement between two parties does not automatically entail the perpetrator’s release or reduction in sentence.

The apex court was hearing a case pertaining to the release of a terrorist on the basis of reconciliation. The bench ruled that “terrorism is an unacceptable act and it is not possible to release the culprit charged with terror charges”.

“In a favourable case, a compromise or settlement between the parties under certain circumstances may lead reduction in sentence but the situation is different in a terrorism case, where the sentence will not be automatically reduced after reconciliation between the parties,” the court’s verdict added.

The apex court also said that it would be the court’s discretion to consider any reduction in the perpetrator’s sentence. “The trial court will consider reduction of sentence after reconciliation in the terror case,” the verdict added.

SC further stated that the president may consider a plea for reduction of sentence or mercy after reviewing the judicial forms of the terrorist. “In case of rejection from the president, the jail superintendent will send a new appeal to the president on behalf of the reconciling parties,” the verdict concluded.