Cabinet reshuffle delayed as PM yet not informed of his decision


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

The expected delay in the reshuffle of the federal – and possibly – the Punjab cabinet has been delayed as Prime Minister Imran Khan has still not been informed of his decision.

“Yes, we have been expecting it to take place for some time now, but till now, the premier has not been informed of his decision to give what portfolio to which treasury benches member,” said Political Advisor to the PM Naeem-ul-Haq.

“But we are absolutely ready for it,” he emphasised. “As soon as we get the word, the staff at the PM Secretariat will immediately prepare the executive order, which will be signed immediately by the PM.”

“I mean, not if its a weekend, or after seven in the evening,” he clarified. “But if it is an emergency, I’m sure we could make him sign the document. I’ve made him sign stuff before when he is….weekending or after-seven-ing.”

“This government does its work on time, I’ll have you know,” he said proudly. “Smooth functioning government, with no hindrances.”