PLRA introduces online facility for payment of Fard


LAHORE: Punjab Land Revenue Authority (PLRA) has introduced an online facility that would allow it to collect land taxes, documents and mutations online. The new service will also allow the payment of Fard (land document) fee to be made online.

Pakistan Today learnt that the service was introduced by the PLRA in association with State Bank of Pakistan, 1Link and the department of finance.

A PLRA official told Pakistan Today, “The amount of e-stamp paper, Fard fee, mutation fee and taxes can be paid online to commercial banks through 1Link whereas the facility of online Fard is available on PLRA’s official website”.

“Any customer can avail the option of online Fard. PLRA will send a code to the customer’s registered mobile number which would enable the customer to select the relevant district and Mouza. The customer would then be able to get the Fard by paying an online fee of Rs500. The facility of online Fard is also available for overseas Pakistani and is accessible in several embassies”.

Another PLRA official while seeking anonymity said, “Earlier land records and data were kept solely by patwaris who were also assigned to collect the fee of issuing copies of land documents by entering the diary number. Patwaris were often accused of issuing documents without entering diary numbers which allowed them to keep the amount in their pockets and not submit it to the government. This practice, which was not entirely uncommon in land transactions was costing millions of rupees in losses to the national treasury. Moreover, in most cases, patwaris would also ask for extra money for the issuance of documents or processing of mutations. The introduction of service of this kind has dealt a huge blow to the patwari’s monopoly.

While talking to Pakistan Today, Director-General PLRA Hafiz Shaukat Ali said, “The land data of over 55 million people are secure with PLRA. This year almost 5.5 million people availed PLRA’s services. We collected revenue of Rs17 billion the previous year while the issuance of online Fard is expected to drastically increase revenue volume. We are also in the process of establishing Qanu Goi Arazi Record Center and Mobile Arazi Record Center.”