So are those Tiananmen tanks effective for all body types, Imran quietly asks Chinese premier


Prime Minister Imran Khan was heard asking Chinese President Xi Jinping on Tuesday whether the tanks used in Tiananmen Square in 1989 also effective against individuals more plump than the ones who protested back then.

“I mean, not pleasantly plump but not obese either,” he said. “Would it kill such an individual? Or merely slow him down? Could he immediately get out of the way? He doesn’t move very fast, this person I have in mind, but tanks can’t move all too fast either.”

“Plus, these guys are a little wily all of them,” he said. “Would the tanks alone be able to do the trick or would we need feet on the ground?”

The Prime Minister then inked an MoU with his Chinese counterpart to include protest-dispersal troops as part of the CPEC projects.