Kidnappings galore as Lahore police snore


–At least 93 abduction for ransom and missing children cases reported in four months in city

–Police has failed to submit chargesheets in courts despite its claims that it has solved majority of cases


LAHORE: At least 93 incidents of kidnapping for ransom and cases of missing children were reported from various parts of the city in the last four months, however the city police has failed to submit challans in a majority of cases despite its claim of recovering several missing and kidnapped children, Pakistan Today has learnt.

Informed sources claim that several suspects were still in police custody due to non-submission of chargesheets, which was causing delay in dispensation of justice.

According to details, two children — 11-year-old Arzoo and 12-year-old Usman — were kidnapped in June while three others including eight-year-old Abeera, nine-year-old Shumaila and 13-year-old Sana were also abducted in the same month.

The incidents occurred despite claims by police that it had arrested over 20 suspects linked with kidnapping gangs.

On June 17, five children including Rizwan, Ghazal, Noor Fatima, Amina and Asima went missing from various parts of Lahore.

CIA police, on the other hand, claimed that it recovered a missing child from Hafizabad but failed to nab the accused.

On July 10, Muhammad Saleem was killed by his kidnappers for not returning a loan of Rs1.5 million.

A minor, Suleman Ali went missing from his home in July while another 10-year-old was found dead in Batapur area after being reported missing. On July 16, police recovered a missing child from Tibbi City area, while a polio worker was killed after being kidnapped in Manawan area. The culprit was subsequently arrested.

On July 23, Malik Tahir – a resident of Shahdara area was killed by unknown assailants. On July 25, 10-year-old Abdul Subhan was kidnapped and murdered. A girl went missing from Shadbagh area on August 3 while minors Rubab and Khadija of Sanda area went missing on August 5.

Similarly, a woman — Nazia was kidnapped from Sunder area along with her three children but was later recovered. Likewise, one Farqan Arshad disappeared from Hanjarwal police precinct who was later found and handed over to his family.

Police further said that two persons were kidnapped from Satukatla and Qilla Gujar Singh areas. 11-year Adeel was kidnapped from Ghulshan-e-Ravi area on August 22 while two more persons were kidnapped from Kot Lakhpat and Manga Mandi areas on August 23.

Seven persons including children went missing on August 24; six of them disappeared on Sept 7, while one went missing on Sept 12.

Six people were reported missing on Sep 21. On Oct 8, 18-year-old Jannat and Atif Amin were kidnapped in separate incidents.

When contacted, Investigation Police Wing said that 70 children went missing during the last four months but not all were cases of kidnapping.

“We shared a video stating that it was unlikely that all cases of missing children were kidnappings,” said an official, adding, “Most minors, especially girls, are runaways.”

DIG (Deputy Inspector General) spokesperson also disputed these figures saying, “I think just one or two cases of kidnapping for ransom took place in the city. All other incidents including girls who went missing from their homes actually eloped and were later found by police.”