Criminals make hay as Buzdar govt ‘shines’


–2,529 more crimes reported in 8 months of 2019 compared to last year


LAHORE: A sharp increase in crime has been reported this year despite tall claims of police high ups, official data revealed.

Police statistics revealed that a total of 7,492 cases of serious crime were reported this year, compared to 4,963 cases recorded last year — an increase of 2,529 cases.

The report further revealed a significant increase in incidents of property-related crime during the first seven months of this year.

Incidents of street crime, robbery and vehicle theft also skyrocketed this year, official data revealed. A total of 2,079 robberies were reported in the provincial capital as compared to the previous year’s figure of 1,416 cases. 243 murder cases were also reported; less than 10 cases from the previous year.

Data showed that 4,259 vehicles were stolen in the first seven months of this year as compared to the previous year in which total of 2,508 vehicles was reportedly stolen. 23 incidents of armed robbery were reported in the first half of this year – an increase of five cases from the previous year. A marked increase in kidnappings was also noted in the report, with a total of 10 persons kidnapped for ransom as compared to four cases from last year.

“I approached police to report the kidnapping of my daughter, but the police failed to take adequate measures,” said Shahida Bibi, a resident of Shahdara area. “It has been over one month and now I’m planning to move an application for change in investigation. I’m sure police know who the culprits are, but the investigators are not showing interest in the case. I have a feeling that the assailants have bribed the police,” she said.

Another citizen, Faizan said that Hanjarwal police did not take action against criminals who stole his bike. “I told them the names of those who I suspect were involved but the police is reluctant to take any action,” said Faizan, adding that “ They pressurized me not pursue the case.”

When contacted CCPO’s spokesperson Waseem Butt said that police have undertaken efforts to control crimes in the city and that the ratio of crime was low.

“Police are utilizing all resources to control crime in the city,” said Butt adding, “But you know, what little resources police have.”