New Zeera Plus campaign to see Umar Akmal being dunked in large teacup at Gaddafi Stadium


LAHORE – The marketing department of LU’s popular Zeera Plus biscuits is all set to launch a new promising campaign during the third T20I at the Gaddafi Stadium on Wednesday, The Dependent has reliably learnt.

After successfully showcasing a large biscuit being dunked in a large teacup at both National Stadium and Gaddafi Stadium, in addition to celebrities enjoying the biscuits in the stands, throughout the tour of Sri Lanka to Pakistan, the marketing department has decided to merge the two ideas for the final match of the series.

According to sources, the next campaign of Zeera Plus will have Pakistan middle-order batsman Umar Akmal being dunked in a large teacup at Gaddafi Stadium.

“Umar Akmal represents a round thing that one dunks in biscuits. And he’s likely to be free on Wednesday to participate in the campaign. We’re calling it the Zero Plus campaign,” Kulsoom Ahmed, a member of the Zeera Plus marketing department, told The Dependent.

However, the new campaign would be slightly different, she reveals.

“We’ll have a teacup of the same size, but both the hot tea and the object being dipped in it will be real. We’re sure the crowd would love the campaign and would actively participate in it as well,” Kulsoom Ahmed adds.

LU expects a significant rise in the biscuit sales after the final T20I on Wednesday, officials say.