Man booked for injuring Mustafa Khar’s dog


–Former Punjab governor says he lodged an FIR against the suspect to make people understand that animals have rights too

LAHORE: Former Punjab governor and chief minister Ghulam Mustafa Khar lodged a First Information Report (FIR) against a poor man for inflicting injuries to his dog during an accident in Sinawan area of Muzaffargarh district.

Khar, a dog-lover, has a farm with nearly 50 dogs in Sinawan. On September 25, when Abdur Rasheed, one of his employees, was taking the dogs back to the farm from a nearby a field, a speedy motorcycle struck a dog named ‘Kathia Bul-tari-ya’, leaving it seriously injured. The politician had bought the dog for Rs130,000 a few months ago.

Soon after the incident, Khar asked his employee to submit an application at Sinawan Police Station against accused Muhammad Ismael for causing injuries to his dog. After examining the medical report of the dog, the police registered a case against the accused under Section 429 and 279 of Pakistan Penal Code, 1860. However, the police have not arrested the accused yet.

The medical report annexed with the application stated that the dog was “dull, depressed and unable to stand and move”.

“On forceful movement, the dog is dragging his both legs. No response of both rear legs on pinching with needles. It is suspected that the vertebral disc is compressed due to which nervous system appears to be affected,” the medical report stated.

On the condition of anonymity, a senior official of Sinawan Police Station, said that they entertained Khar’s application because they did not have any other option. “The powerful exercise a significant influence over the police through which they get their work done easily,” the official said, adding that the police do not have the liberty to make their own decisions.

The official further said that if the police were independent indeed, they would have denied Khar’s request because in a country where people are being humiliated and deprived of their rights, lodging a case for one’s dog seems insignificant.

“I am not saying animals do not have rights because they do but our first priority should be to protect the people,” the official added.

When contacted, Khar said that he got the case registered against the suspect because the suspect had ignored the dog’s pain despite the fact that it was a medical emergency.

“We often forget that animals too have rights. He left my dog seriously injured on the spot and ran away,” he said, adding that it would have been far better if the suspect had shifted the dog to a nearby medical facility for treatment.

“We cannot ignore animal rights just because the people are being deprived of their rights. All living things have rights and we have to accept that,” he added.

“Why does the suspect expect to be treated mercifully when he did not show mercy to an injured animal?” Khar asked.


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