CRIME DIARY: From ‘anxious’ senior police officials to patriarchal property woes


LAHORE: The general climate in Punjab this week has been of fear among senior police officials who have been dwelling in anxiety over the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government’s new plan for police reforms, with many uniting against the move and threatening government authorities of quitting their jobs.

The issue was discussed in all police circles. Senior officials of the provincial capital, as compared to the rest of the officials in Punjab, were at the forefront against the move.

The deadlock, according to reliable police sources, would possibly persist over the government’s new plan of police reforms whereas senior police officials of the city on Monday will gather at Central Police Office (CPO) to share their reservations with each other and chalk out a future plan.

On the other hand, the Punjab law minister said that the government had no intention to curtail powers of police rather it was going to introduce reforms for the department’s self-accountability.



As the police remains occupied with its own issues, crimes in the city are spiralling out of control. Last week, a boy’s tortured body was found from Kahna area of the city after his father Khadim Hussain moved an application to Baghbanpura police over suspicions that his son was kidnapped over theft charges.

Post mortem also documented several torture marks on the body of the boy who was later identified as 15-year old Amir, resident of BijliGghar area of Baghbanpura. Police said that Amir was kidnapped after his neighbour Saqib alleged that he had stolen their motorbike. However, they could not trace the suspects who remain at large.



Chunian police took 12 more suspects into custody for their alleged role in rape-cum-murder incidents of three boys , including 9-year old Atif and 11-year old Aneel from Pakistan’s rape capital, Kasur.

So far, 20 suspects have been arrested in the case. However, the police claim to have conducted DNA profiling of over 450 suspects in the area of Ghousiabad, Pir Jahanian, Tambowala and Allahabad bypass on the ground of census lists it had collected a few days ago. Close relatives of the victims have also been included in the list of suspects.

So far, madrassa teacher Muhammad Mujahid, who is also the caretaker of Jamia Darul Aloon Farooqia on Mega road, seems to be the most likely culprit as per police reports. Muhammad Mujahid, the police said, took the children to Sheikhupura from where their bodies were recovered.

On the other hand, Kasur DPO Zahid Marwat who had promised to share some information about the case cancelled his press conference.



A man killed his mother, brother and his wife Lubna over a property dispute in Nishtar Colony police precinct.

According to police, Gulshan Bibi, her elder son Hammad and his wife Lubna had asked Ali to come home for discussing a property dispute.

However, Ali turned violent during the discussion and hurled abuses at the family before killing them.

According to police, Hammad and Lubna were trying to save Gulshan Bibi when Ali opened fire due to which all three suffered critical injuries. They were shifted to a hospital but could not survive. The suspect remains at large.



A woman identified as 25-year old Roshan Bibi was rescued from her brother’s captivity after years. According to the details, Roshan Bibi was locked in a filthy room without basic amenities over an inheritance dispute.

The officials who found her stated that she was in a semi-conscious state and covered in her own excrement since days, maybe weeks. Later, she was shifted to the nearby hospital.

Police took her brothers including Mukarram and Amir into custody; however, some family members seemed to be deceiving the authorities by providing conflicting statements.

It may be mentioned here that one of the brothers “threatened to kill” the police officials who rescued the woman.



A number of former traffic wardens staged protest against Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) (r) Capt Liaqat Malik for dismissing them from service over what they said petty departmental matters last week.

The former wardens staged a protest outside Lahore Press Club and chanted slogans against CTO and other senior officers of traffic police.

They said the CTO had dismissed over 350 wardens from so far, adding that some of them were booked in criminal cases. The CTO, they said, was getting lodged cases against those former wardens who were holding protests against their dismissal.

The protesting wardens appealed to the Punjab chief minister to listen to their grievances and take notice of the CTO’s actions.

The CTO spokesperson, however, denied the allegations levelled by the protesting wardens, saying that the protests were a tactic to pressurise senior police officials as departmental inquiries held against them were proved true.