Qureshi contacts head of undiscovered Amazonian tribe, apprises on Kashmir issue


As the curfew in Indian Occupied Kashmir entered its second month with no indication of it being lifted anytime soon, Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi stepped up his diplomatic efforts, = contacting the head of a yet undiscovered Amazonian tribe to apprise him on the prevailing situation in Kashmir and Pakistan’s stance on the matter.

“Given the lukewarm response of the rest of the world towards Kashmir, PM Imran Khan had instructed me to widen the parameters of our outreach mission towards relatively more amenable communities. Acting on a tip from our intelligence community, we sent a delegation to the Amazon Jungle and meet with Chief Dikeledi Dubaku of the Fimaremã people, a population of 250 people who have lived in voluntary isolation since an unknown amount of time”, explained Shah Mehmood Qureshi during a press conference at the Foreign Ministry.

Speaking at the same presser Advisor to PM on Information Firdous Ashiq Awan commented, “We are confident and hopeful that Chief Dubaku will provide full support to Pakistan. The thing is that we haven’t really heard from the delegation for close to three days now, but that is a pretty normal timeline when ‘Uncontacted Peoples’ are contacted for the first time, I am told”.

The Dependent contacted some of the country’s and world’s leading Anthropologists for comment. At press time five of the ten who answered our calls hung-up the phone as soon as our reporter asked for an expert comment on what the Foreign Ministry had attempted.