World’s lukewarm response on Kashmir disappointing, says Imran


–PM urges UN to act swiftly before things blow out of proportion 

–Says India’s claim that Kashmir is ‘internal matter’ is ‘non-sense’

UNITED NATIONS: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said Pakistan was disappointed by the international community’s lukewarm response to the human rights violations committed by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir after the abrogation of its special status, as he ruled out further dialogue with New Delhi.

Addressing a press conference at the United Nations (UN), the prime minister highlighted the situation of eight million Kashmiris who are suffering because of a curfew imposed by Narendra Modi-led government of India.

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Pakistan’s permanent representative to the UN, Ambassador Dr Maleeha Lodhi also accompanied the PM.

He further said that his only aim of coming to the UN moot was to highlight the Kashmir issue and put all the facts in front of world leaders.

“I have personally met numerous people in New York who couldn’t contact their relatives in Kashmir due to curfew and blanket ban on any kind of cellular or internet services,” he said.

“We know that hospitals aren’t functioning and under Geneva convention, this amounts to war crimes,” he told the audience.

“I also fear that whatever happens in Kashmir, India would blame Pakistan for it,” he said, hinting at a false-flag operation by India to divert attention from Kashmir.

“Pakistan is facing many challenges at the moment, internal and external both. India tried to ruin our economy but failed,” he said.

“Finally, the world has realised that Indian forces are committing crimes in the valley and violating human rights violations. Through media, everyone has seen the reality,” PM further said.

“I am afraid that once the curfew is lifted, there would be a massacre by the Indian troops deployed there,” said the premier.

“I fear that after the curfew is lifted, there would be a massacre” by the 900,000 Indian troops deployed there said the premier.

“I also fear that whatever happens in Kashmir, India would blame Pakistan for it,” he added, referring to India’s blame on Pakistan for the February attack on its military convoy by a Kashmiri boy.

“We assured them that we will take action if they share any proof on their claim. Before any claim their jets came and bombed us,” he said, adding, “They took our offer as weakness.”

“We tried everything to bring India on the table and resolve issues through dialogue but our every effort proved futile. Modi committed horrifying crimes in Gujrat and how funny it is that he is [now] asking us to stop [alleged] terrorist activities,” PM Imran said.

Commenting over rising tensions between Pakistan and India, PM Imran said he is alarmed by the standoff and spoke to the world leaders, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France.

“This is the time the world needs to act, because this is the first time after Cuban crisis that the two nuclear powers have come face to face,” he remarked.

The prime minister said that India’s claim that this is an internal issue and that the world should stay out of it is “nonsense”.

He reminded the media that there are 11 UN Security Council resolutions recognising the fact that Kashmir is a disputed territory which give the right of self-determination to the people of Kashmir through a plebiscite.

“I am thankful to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for supporting our, Turkey is a true friend,” PM said while replying to a question asked by a Turkish journalist.

“Modi can’t even imagine what could be the consequences of his action and if something happens, the international community would be responsible. Muslim countries are planning to call a meeting next month to highlight this issue further,” he continued.