Social media kills, literally


–Youth kills friend for sharing photos and status about him on Facebook


LAHORE: A youth has lost his life after he shared a picture and status regarding his friend on Facebook.

According to details, Bilal Sabir and Humayoun Mughal were close friends who used to share many things together. However, their friendship ended when Sabir shared something about his friend on his Facebook wall.

On September 19, the victim was on his way to Moon Market with his brothers and father when Hamayoun Mughal intercepted them near Syeda Mosque and opened fire on his ex-friend. The bullets hit Bilal’s chest and ribs, leaving him seriously injured. He was rushed to Services Hospital but he could not survive.

The youth’s father, Sabir Hussain, lamented that his son was murdered over a petty issue.

“Humayoun murdered my son in broad daylight over a social media dispute even though their mutual friends had resolved the issue between them a few days ago,” he told Pakistan Today.

Sanda Police have lodged FIR No 1426/19 under Section 302, 148, 149 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) against Humayoun Mughal, Musawir Malik and five other unknown persons for Bilal Sabir’s murder.

According to the FIR, before opening fire, Humayoun yelled at Bilal Sabir saying, “How dare you share a picture and status about me on Facebook?” and then immediately opened fire.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Investigation Officer (IO) Mian Zulfiqar Ali said that the police had arrested Mughal and also recovered the weapon and bike used in the crime from his custody.

He said that the suspect had confessed that he was angry with his friend and therefore he murdered him.

“Initial investigation shows that Humayoun had a grudge against Bilal for sharing a status and picture of him even after he had asked Bilal not to do so repeatedly,” the IO said.