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Kashmiri teen kills himself after ‘torture’ by Indian forces

ISLAMABAD: A 15-year-old boy from Indian Occupied Kashmir committed suicide after allegedly being beaten by Indian Army personnel at an army camp in Pulwama, said an Indian news website quoting his family.

According to the report, Yawar Bhatt was detained by the army during the day and was asked to report to the camp the following.

“Bhatt was traumatized by the experience as was severely beaten and tortured during his detention,” said the family.

“He told me that he was beaten by the Army and his identity card was also taken. He was asked to report to the army camp,” Yawar’s elder sister was quoted as saying.

The family added that Yawar had confined himself to a room for the whole day. He did not sleep in his parents’ room, as he would normally do.

“Around 11 pm, we saw him vomiting. He complained of headache, after which we took him to hospital in Pulwama,” a family member said.

“He consumed poison late Tuesday night, we rushed him to hospital, where doctors performed his stomach wash (gastric lavage). However, his condition deteriorated,” added his sister

His cousin Rayees Ahmad said Yawar was asked to report to the army camp in the Tahab area the next day.

Locals in the area said there was a grenade attack in the area on Monday night and the next day, army personnel snatched the card of several youths and they were asked to report to the camp.

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