Police official dismissed after misbehaving with elderly woman


LAHORE: Police official Muhamad Asif dismissed was dismissed from service on account of misbehaving with an elderly woman at the entrance gate of Central Police Office.

According to details official, Muhamad Asif deputed as a guard on the gate of CPO Complex, Lahore misbehaved with a woman named Kundan Bibi – a video of the incident also got leaked and made its way to the internet.

Asif, who belongs to Muzzafargarh and is a resident of Raiwind, Lahore was expelled from his ranks after a departmental inquiry was launched against him.

Inspector General Police (IGP) Punjab Captain (r) Arif Nawaz Khan called for immediate action to be taken against the official, following which DSP (District Superintendant Police) Syed Riaz Ali Shah launched an inquiry into the incident which led to Asif’s dismissal as per Punjab Police Rules (E&D) 1975.

According to details, Muhamad Asif also failed to explain or give any plausible reason for his reckless attitude and misbehavior on account of which considerable harm was caused to the police department’s reputation.

IGP Punjab Captain (r) Arif Nawaz Khan told officers that there is no place for the officers and officials misbehaving with the public especially in case of violation of SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).

Adding that due to the non-professional attitude of some black sheep within the department all of Punjab police had been given a bad name.