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Accused in Nimrita death case claims unrequited love behind death

LARKANA: An accused in the Nimirta Chandani death case, Mehran Abro, on Saturday claimed to be in love with the deceased while adding that the two wished to get married.

According to media reports, Abro’s parents refused to the marriage because of religious differences which led the final year dental student to depression and anxiety.

Police on September 18 had arrested at least two suspects, Ali Shan Memon and Mehran Abro, in the alleged murder case.

According to Larkana senior superintendent of police (SSP), the suspects were close friends and classmates of the deceased.

Further, sources privy to the matter claimed that the deceased student’s credit card was being used by Abro.

Nimrita Amarta Maher Chandani was found dead in a room of the Chandka Medical College Hostel (CMCH) on September 16 under circumstances that pointed towards an apparent suicide.

On information, the police rushed to the scene, recovered her body and shifted it to Chandka Medical College Hospital for a postmortem examination.

Nimrita was living alone in the hostel room and was preparing for the final year examination.  She had some marks on her neck, according to the police.

Soon after the deceased student was found in her room, her mobile phone and other belongings along with other evidence were taken into custody by police for forensic analysis; however, the actual cause of her death has yet to be ascertained.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Nimrita’s brother Dr Vishal, a medical consultant in Dow Medical College in Karachi, said that his sister did not commit suicide but was in fact, a victim of cold-blooded murder.

He said that the marks around her neck were not similar to those inflicted by suicide from hanging as claimed by the police, alleging that such marks were etched in the skin with cable wires.

She was laid to rest in her hometown in Ghotki on September 17.