Modi’s birthday: Fawad takes distasteful jibe at Indian premier


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has landed himself in hot waters yet again after he posted a tweet on the occasion of Indian Prime Minister (PM) Narendra Modi’s 69th birthday on Tuesday.

“Today reminds us [of] the importance of contraceptives ,” wrote the PTI stalwart.

Netizens were quick to call out Chaudhry’s “distasteful and childish” behaviour on Twitter and other social media sites.

The account’s authenticity was questioned. “Are we sure this isn’t a parody account,” tweeted one user.

Prominent media figures pointed out that Fawad’s antics had become embarrassing for the whole country. “Today also reminds us of what an embarrassment this government is–throwing insults at our neighbours like schoolchildren instead of actually doing their jobs properly,”Nida Kirmani tweeted.

While others lamented the poor quality and mental level of statesmen in Pakistan. “It is our misfortune when we are looking for individuals to serve our own selves, we search for the best doctors, lawyers, architects, but when selecting public officials, we settle for the most unworthy,” one user tweeted.

The federal minister was also called out for his uncouth behaviour by Indians who expressed similar shock on his unprofessional attitude. “Goodness. This is disgusting. Irrespective of politics and differences, this tone, language, message is uncouth, a disservice to the dignity of office this individual holds, and to all those on the subcontinent who work for peace. Just shameful!” Maya Mirchandani wrote.

Another Indian journalist, @Smita_Sharma, posted: “This is disgusting beyond words Fawad. At least try and maintain some dignity for the cabinet position you hold. Am sure anyone saying this about Prime Minister @ImranKhanPTI – should and would disgust you.”

Chaudhry made headlines in the recent past when he posted a series of humiliating tweets, directed towards the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scientists, following the failure of India’s moon mission Chandrayaan-2. The tweets met with social media backlash across the border as well as back home.