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Rising dengue cases fail to move Buzdar govt

–Administration fails to destroy mosquito-breeding spots, lift garbage 

LAHORE: It seems it will take more than an outbreak to wake up the Punjab government up as dengue virus starts making inroads in Lahore after wreaking havoc in Rawalpindi and other parts of the country, leaving three dead in Punjab.

In Rawalpindi, the number of patients crossed 1000, while in Lahore at least 42 cases have been reported so far.

Not only major cities, but smaller towns have also reported cases of dengue virus, a mosquito-borne disease.

However, the Punjab government led by Chief Minister Usman Buzdar hasn’t expressed any resolve to tackle the outbreak. While, Punjab Health Minister Dr Yasmeen Rashid is also keeping the mum, with her department failing to run dengue campaigns.

In addition, there have been heaps of garbage in many parts of Lahore, where mosquitoes feast all day.

Sources told Pakistan Today that the government was not interested in dengue prevention campaigns like the previous Punjab government that was headed by Shehbaz Sharif, former chief minister and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief.

Jansher Khan, a resident of Gulberg, said that the government didn’t fumigate their area, leading to a rise in the number of dengue patients.

“Many people in my neighbourhood are not taking their patients to hospitals because of a lack of proper treatment as well as insufficient space for dengue patients,” he claimed.

“In previous years, there was regular anti-mosquito spray [in the area] by the district administration and the waste management company was also on high-alert, rooting out mosquito-breeding spots in houses and other places.”

“But, this government, just like in other matters, has failed to put a stop to dengue,” he lamented.

“The dengue-control teams have ignored this area in spite of stagnant water and greenery [both mosquito-breeding spots],” Tasneem Fatima, a resident of Township said.

“My child is suffering from dengue because of the incompetence of the district administration and the provincial government, which didn’t spray around my home and an adjoining park.”

“I purchased the mosquito-killing spray thrice, but it is almost impossible to control mosquitos if the surroundings remain mosquito-breeding spots,” she questioned.

Though the government booked several individuals after anti-dengue teams in a routine survey found houses, plazas and restaurants in the vicinity of Cantt and Gulberg areas infested with dengue larvae, the district administration has failed to exterminate them.

However, as per the health department there’s no need to worry.

Dr Shahnaz, who overlooks anti-dengue campaign, said, “The government obviously plans to control and treat the dengue patients and we are taking all measures for that. So far 1,659 dengue cases in Rawalpindi, 42 in Lahore and 13 in Faisalabad have been registered.”

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