Indian forces using rape as war weapon, says Mushaal


–Says acute shortage of medicines and food may lead to worst humanitarian crisis in history

ISLAMABAD: Mushaal Hussein Mullick, wife of detained Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Yasin Malik, said the Indian army deployed in the occupied Kashmir are using rape as a war weapon against the Kashmiri people in a bid to suppress their right to self-determination.

Speaking at a press conference, along with an Egyptian delegation led by Al-Azhar University professor Dr Ibrahim, here on Sunday, she said that the notorious Indian government has unleashed a new spate of terrorism, barbarism and unspeakable human right violations in the occupied region, but the silence of the international community, as well as that of human rights organisations, raises more questions.

Mullick, also the chairperson of Peace and Culture Organisation lamented that rape is being used in Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK) as a weapon of war to demoralise Kashmiri people as a whole community. “Three young girls have been abducted during the last one week and their relatives are unaware of their whereabouts,” she revealed.

Mushaal said that India is hiding ground realities in Kashmir from the world by imposing the curfew, adding that
Modi was hell-bent on genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The Kashmiri leader urged the world community and human rights organisations to help lift the curfew in the region instantly as there was now an acute shortage of medicines and food. “The situation could lead to the worst humanitarian crisis in history if urgent steps are not taken,” she added.

Mushaal warned that if the Modi government did not quit barbarism, Kashmir will turn into a graveyard for Indian forces.

Talking about her husband, who has been in jail for the last seven months, she said that Yasin Malik’s health is fast deteriorating as he was being denied treatment and medicines. She demanded her husband be shifted to an ICU immediately. “If anything happened to him the Kashmiris would take the issue to the United Nations (UN).”

Mushaal also spoke of the thousands of other Kashmiris who have been detained and are being tortured, demanding the world ensure the safe release of Yasin Malik and all other Kashmiri prisoners forthwith.

She appealed to Egypt to intervene and ensure the peaceful resolution of the dispute as per the aspiration of the Kashmiri people.

Speaking on the occasion, Professor Ibrahim said that the Muslim countries should force the Indian government to stop the on-going atrocities in Kashmir.

He said that as per the accession formula, Kashmir being a majority Muslim state should have been allowed to become part of Pakistan but in the end, it mattered what the people wanted.

He concluded by saying that both Kashmir and Palestine should be given the right to self-determination. The Egyptian professor also promised to raise voice for the right of Kashmiri people at all forums.