White Lies


Though the sacking of Shahbaz Gill, the rabble-rousing Punjab CM spokesperson, has gotten more press, it is the removal of Aun Chaudhry from his position in the Punjab government that has more significance.

The man was a fixture at Bani Gala and was close enough to Imran Khan to be a witness at two of his nikkah ceremonies.

Is this some sort of tectonic shift?




Supporters of the PPP and the PML-N usually thump their chests when talking about the incarceration of their leaders and say they weathered the same during the last martial law.

Well, it would appear that the then dictator might have shown far more grace than the current lot. Nawaz Sharif isn’t allowed to be given the food that comes from Raiwind and instead, only the food that his family personally brings on their weekly visits is allowed. Meanwhile, AC facilities to Asif Zardari have been made conditional to the advice of his doctors.

Apparently, this isn’t at the behest of the powers that be but Imran Khan himself.