Newest Great Game about to start on lazy geopolitical analyst’s MS Word file


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

WINDOWS 95 – The Newest Great Game to exploit the resources of Central Asia, expanding into Eurasia, began early Friday afternoon on the MS World file of a world renowned lazy geopolitical analyst.

Observers note that unlike the Great Game and the New Great Game, the Newest Great Game would be played out in a virtual reality, with its sparking point currently a blank MS Word file where various characters will be strategically deployed, at the culmination of which the battleground would safely be relocated to the ‘New Articles’ folder with the more regionally accessible shortcut found in the northwestern front of the Desktop.

Where the Great Game saw the British and Russian empires fight for resources in Central Asian states in the 19th century, the New Great Game had post-Soviet Russia, US and China vying for the same resources in the 20th century, the Newest Great Game, observers opine, will see the exploitation of Central Asia by lazy analysts relying on ominous sounding age-old terms to continue to attract publishers and readers.

While the first moves to formally launch the Newest Great Game were on the second line of the third paragraph at press time, already an opposition movement has been launched by other opinion writers and commentators demanding an end to superficial analyses on the region.