Hypnotist robber gang arrested in Karachi


KARACHI: Police on Wednesday arrested a gang of robbers who robbed people and shopkeepers by employing a special technique, media reported.

As per details, Ferozabad police has arrested a 60-year-old man and his son for robbing shopkeepers in different markets by using hypnotism.

Police told media that there was also a third member of this gang, who is a woman. She avoided arrest and left for her native country, Iran, they added.

Police started their investigation long before the raid to arrest the culprits. They took help from Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage gathered from different shops where the gang went to commit the crime.

In the videos, it can be seen that this gang would hypnotize the shopkeeper as soon as they enter the shop and eventually would force him to hand over all the money without any resistance.

Police took action after several shopkeepers and merchants from different markets of the city lodged complaints and also requested the top officials to extend help in this regard.

Police told media that after so many complaints, this gang was in the most wanted list.