White Lies



It was a mixed dining experience for the patrons of one of Lahore’s swankiest restaurants the other day. On the one hand, their meal was interrupted by a raid by the police, who were looking for (and found) a substantial amount of liquor from the premises.

But on the other hand, they didn’t pay for their meal!

It was a BYOB arrangement, we’re told. The stock of said booze – the footage of which went viral online – was pretty impressive, actually.

Details coming in after the raid: apparently, a high ranking official had earlier not been given a table and the man decided to take revenge. That’s Pakistan for you. Booze can be okay as long as you don’t step on any toes.



After a dismal performance on the revenue collection front, the tax authorities have taken to the elite clubs of the country, asking about the monthly bills of the members. Desperate times call for desperate measures, it seems.

One can imagine the mandarins over at the FBR poring over the bills, trying to establish correlations between income levels and number of lemon tarts ordered.