Nations salutes sacrifices of martyrs: Buzdar


LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar on Friday said that today whole nation is saluting the martyrs on the occasion of Defence Day.

Speaking on the occasion of Defence Day, Buzdar  affirmed: “We express solidarity with innocent Kashmiris.”

While paying homage to the martyrs for their sacrifices for the defence of the homeland, the Punjab chief minister declared that martyrs are the nation’s pride.

Noting that 1965’s war was a “historic chapter” in Pakistan’s history, he said army befittingly responded to the enemy’s aggression.

“We need the same unity and spirit that we showed in 1965 war,” Buzdar said adding that we will never disappoint the Muslims of Kashmir.”

We should commit that we will never escape when it comes to sacrifice our lives for the sake of Pakistan,” he added.