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CDA installed fountains fall into disrepair

ISLAMABAD: Imported fountains installed at various location in Islamabad by the Capital Development Authority (CDA) have become dysfunctional, documents available with Pakistan Today highlighted.

According to the documents, the imported Cybernetic dancing water fountains were installed at five main locations which include Jinnah Avenue (F-6) side, Jinnah Avenue (F-7) side, PTCL Chowk, (F-8), Shaheen Chowk (E-9) and Zero point in 2016 amounting to a cost of 90 million.

Sources claim that the maintenance and upkeep of the fountains was the responsibility of the contractor(s)

A source in the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) said that the object of this project was to beautify the federal capital and had cost the exchequer Rs 130 million. He further states that the project failed because proper groundwork had not been prepared.

According to the news reports the project suffered from several irregularities.

After the devolutions of CDA and MCI (Metropolitan Corporation of Islamabad), the maintenance of the fountains is now the responsibility of the environment wing of MCI.

When contacted Sher Mohammad Mako of MCI’s environment wing said that efforts to restore the imported dancing fountains were underway.

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