Successful cricket captain from Mianwali empowered with selection, adjudication and execution


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

ISLAMABAD – A successful cricket captain hailing from the Niazi clan of Mianwali has been unprecedentedly empowered with selection, adjudication and execution to manage the affairs as he wants.

The world-conquering cricketer, who took Pakistan to the pinnacle of the sport under his tenure, has been given the reins of Pakistan at a time when it is at a crossroads, amidst multiple crises and challenges that lie ahead.

These challenges include bringing stakeholders to the same table and push them to strive for Pakistan’s actual best interests, at a time when India is dominating the region following a decade in which Pakistan has paid the price for terrorism.

The world-beating cricket captain has been given preference over those with considerably more experience in the job owing to his reputation as an incorruptible leader that will bring back the glory days for Pakistan.

The former cricket star, who is also affiliated with a hospital project, has a reputation of successfully leading cricket sides while being on the playing field, which according to many of his fans now make him the perfect choice for his new off-field appointment.

However, critics argue that the former cricketer now has arbitrary powers, owing to the backing of those who selected him, which could be misused to target those he might have any personal vendetta against.

There is also a feeling among his opponents that those who have appointed him have considerably changed the rule book and have gone out of their way just to ensure that he is selected for the position.

Even so, those cautiously optimistic are impressed with the victory speech of the new man in charge, who vowed to do his “best for Pakistan”.

“After the failures of his predecessors, we need to give him a fair chance,” noted one cautious optimist.