Driver-less cars to be introduced in Pakistan, says Fawad


ISLAMABAD: Minister for Science and Technology Chaudhry Fawad Hussain on Tuesday said that self-driving cars will be introduced in Pakistan within the next few years.

Talking to a private news channel, Chaudhary said that his ministry was committed to introducing the latest technology and that driver-less cars would be introduced on Pakistan’s road within a short period.

He said that Google was in the final stages of testing of the automated car programme and that countries like Pakistan were sure to benefit from the programme.

The minister also said that in the era of social media and with the speed at which information was currently shared, the police must become earlier adopters of new technology in order to stay informed and continue to serve the communities they serve.

He said in a technologically advanced world where crimes had become more organized and fatal, governments have to be more proactive in countering criminals for that, modern technology has become the main pre-requisite. He added that technology must support governments in being effective.

In regard to the clean drinking water project which was recently announced, Chaudhary said that his ministry had launched its very own mineral water scheme to reduce costs at government offices.

The Pakistan Council of Research and Water Resources (PCRWR) have prepared a 500ml water bottle named “Safe Drinking Water” which will be introduced at government offices in the first phase and then made available to the public, the minister added.

The proposed ‘Safe Drinking Water, will cost Rs1 per, the minister mentioned. He said the PCRWR had done extensive research during the development of the project.

He said that his ministry, with assistance from private companies, was introducing a system where water treatment plants would be installed at the tehsil levels. Adding that these plants would be established with easy instalments loans.

He stated that Pakistan’s water woes can largely be bifurcated into issues of quality and quantity adding that the country’s water woes were largely attributable to a growing population.

The minister said that steps has been taken in accordance with the newly introduced austerity measures, adding, that bottled water would be a cheaper alternative to the mineral water that is currently available at government offices, he said.

Talking about eco-friendly motorcycles and Qingqi rickshaws, he said, “We will also introduce nationwide electric motorbikes and rickshaws, which will work on battery systems to save energy and protect the environment”.

“Changes in electronic technology will reduce carbon in the environment”, the minister added.

The government also plans to change regulations for universities to make it easier for students to earn multi-disciplinary degrees needed to work in artificial intelligence, said Fawad Chaudhary.