PHA board likely to allot flats to ‘illegal’ appointees


ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA) is likely to give approval for the allotment of residential flats to officials who have allegedly been appointed illegally, Pakistan Today has learnt.

According to a source, the PHA board will meet on Tuesday to discuss the government’s residential flats policy.

According to the policy, seven years would be required for regular employees to get a flat, similarly, for deputations, an overall 10-year service including one year experience in PHA would be required, sources added.

The source claimed that PHA was formulating a policy for employees whose recruitment had been declared null and void by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

NAB documents available with Pakistan Today state that a list of at least 130 officials (who did not meet the prescribed criteria of requisite academic qualification, experience and age) was forwarded to the secretary of Ministry of Housing and Works for departmental action.

The NAB letter further stated that departmental action against 130 illegally recruited officials would be carried out. The PHA Foundation has asked for 30 days time in this regard.

The NAB letter disclosed that officials out of the above 130 were still working in several key positions within the PHA Foundation and the time being sought would only delay and obstruct proceedings.

The sources said that these officials were appointed in PHA in 2012-13 and had completed their seven-year service in April.

Pakistan Today approached the Director of the Ministry of  Housing and Works in regards to the policy who said that questions needed to be directed at the Managing Director of PHA since she was totally unaware of any such development.