White Lies


A curious state of affairs in the automotive sector. The government’s haphazard and presumably ill-thought taxation structure has brought about a lop-sided change in consumption patterns: people on the luxury end are happy while people on “non-deluxe” end aren’t too pleased.

Sales have plummeted while the assemblers are stuck with a lot of unsold inventory. The three major companies are now coming up with different ways to incentivise sales while the potential consumers are hedging their bets, seeing if prices will be slashed further and further.


They have a tough lot in life, the people in occupied Kashmir do. And the policies of Narendra Modi seem to indicate that things will get worse. Our hearts go out to them.

So do those of the ruling party, it seems. But they have come up with a strange plan to the effect. Their half-an-hour-every-Friday routine. One wonders what role it will play in easing the pain of the people of Kashmir.

The plan has led to a considerable bit of virtue-signalling as well, with private companies making it mandatory (in effect) for their employees to show their sorrow and concern.

Some within the government even said that the trains will also stop in a show of solidarity, as if the fine folks at Pakistan Railways need any prompting to make the trains late.

One hopes surgeons aren’t also mandated to observe true half-hour of respect as well.