‘Hum se to kisi ne khaanay ka nahi poochha,’ Yahya Hussaini sulks in corner at Imad Wasim’s valima


ISLAMABAD – Investigative journalist, sports analyst, renowned mind-reader and the only uninvited guest at the valima ceremony of national team all-rounder Imad Wasim and his wife Sannia Ashfaq, Yahya Hussaini on Sunday was seen sulking in the corner of the reception, five minutes after the dinner buffet had been opened.

After complaining about the underwhelming location of the valima, the décor at the event, the groom’s attire and the fact that he had to find a place to sit himself, Hussaini started saying loudly that no one had asked him to eat.

“Hum se to kisi ne khaanay ka nahi poochha. Bari shaadiyan dekhi hain hum ne lekin aaj tak aisa kabhi nahi dekha,” Hussaini said, seemingly addressing the entire hall.

After 10 minutes of complaining about not being offered food, Hussaini decided to take matters in his own hands.

“Jee jee aa rha hoon. Aray itnay takalluf ki kya zaruurat thi,” he exclaimed to an empty space in the general direction of the dinner buffet, to avoid making it obvious that no one had actually asked him to join in.

After devouring nine platefuls, Hussaini began his trademark investigation inside the hall, this time his focus being on potential guests who might agree to jointly giving the couple the salaami, while carrying a Rs50 note in his hand.

By press time, Hussaini had returned to his corner seat, now complaining out loud, “Lo jee kissi ne bataya hi nahi ke achhi waali botiyan to doosray konay mein thein.”