‘Restoration of peace in the city has paved way for healthy activities,’ say Karachi’s flies


KARACHI – The home minister from the Muttahida Makhee Movement (MMM) said the restoration of peace in Karachi has paved the way for spreading diseases, infections and toxicity, as part of the local insects’ drive towards healthy activities in the metropolis.

The minister said that the credit for the restoration of peace in Karachi goes to the Police, Rangers and Army, and also to the human citizens of Karachi who had given a lot of support and garbage for the operation.

“I am sure this latest marathon of diseases would further encourage people to play their due role for the spread of dirt and dump in Karachi,” the home minister, a veteran house-fly, said.

“This city has given us a lot and now we all have to pay back to make it one of the most peaceful, infected and toxic cities in the world,” the minister said.

The senior MMM leader said hosting the Pakistan Sewage League (PSL) in Karachi has further bolstered the peacefulness of the city for its winged-insect residents.

“This year five PSL matches were played in the city which shows the confidence of the international communities in Karachi,” the minister said.

The MMM leader asked the cockroaches, mosquitoes, and all the factions of flies including house-flies, face-flies, stable-flies, and several species of garbage-flies, to overcome their political differences to ensure that the new found stability in the city is maintained.

“It’s time to undo the decades-old fault-lines and realise that the threat of soda bottles, lemon-clove, apple cider vinegar, and the mass violence of fumigation still looms, if the ideology of cleanliness is allowed to spread,” the minister warned.