Government employees remain unregistered despite deadlines


LAHORE: The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has prepared a report of filers, non-filers and unregistered government employees of the federal and Punjab governments, which revealed that out of 3, 33,671 employees only 18,303 are filers whereas 19,623 are non-filers and 1,15, 403 unregistered, Pakistan Today has learnt.

Sources said that the report revealed thousands of unregistered employees who are working in the public sector. “1,762 employees are working in railways headquarters and out of them 985 employees are un-registered. Similarly, out of 9,324 employees of LESCO 7,286 are unregistered. In LDA’s Johar Town office, 1,190 employees are unregistered out of 1,365 whereas in WASA, almost 1,990 employees are unregistered out of 2,756. Out of 307 employees of civil aviation, ASF, 137 are unregistered whereas in the head office of State Life Insurance Corporate, 301 employees are unregistered out of 697. In Punjab Education Department, 506 employees are unregistered out of 848,” they said.

Revealing details of the report, they said, “Out of 3,147 employees of Sheikh Zayed Hospital, 2,767 employees are unregistered whereas 18 employees out of 42 from Government College for Women University are unregistered. Out of 37 employees of Jinnah College, 16 are unregistered and 82 employees out of 147 from Pilot School are unregistered. In Fatimah Jinnah Hospital, out of 168 employees, 65 are unregistered and out of 468 employees in Board of Revenue and Irrigation Department, 102 are unregistered.”

“Similarly, in Mayo Hospital, 6,354 employees are working and out of them 4,471 are unregistered whereas out of 3,327 employees of services hospital 2,418 are unregistered. In General Hospital, out of 4,289 employees, 3,966 are unregistered whereas in Jinnah Hospital, out of 6,125 employees, 3,473 are unregistered. Out of 2,909 employees of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, 2,213 are unregistered,” sources added.

An FBR official told Pakistan Today, “We will bring all the people into the tax net and there will be no discrimination in this process because no one will be spared from this process.”