Azadi aur Bandookein


ProperGaanda take a lighter look at Indo-Pak relations in the past 73 years

ProperGaanda, a local news and digital media publishing platform, recently released a two part series titled “Azaadi aur Bandookien” as the nation celebrated its 73 years of independence! The series tracks India, Pakistan and Kashmir’s relationship throughout history till present day 2019. 

‘Azadi aur Bandookein’ is a bittersweet albeit occasionally comical portrayal of what a household would look like where India, Pakistan and Kashmir reside. And it makes you question if it is utopic to ponder over India, Kashmir and Pakistan living harmoniously together?

The series kicks off with a hazy image of Lord Mountbatten announcing India’s new status as an independent state, amongst the sepia toned setting of Jinnah and Gandhi portraits being put up in separate frames. Clearly, foreshadowing future events surrounding partition. 

‘Azaadi aur Bandookein’ provides the audience with a sweetly infused glimpse of India, Kashmir and Pakistan pre-partition. Nestled unanimously in a Haveli, natural camaraderie is present as Pakistan and India play chirri orri, qabutar orah (when birds fly), before an utterly tipsy (and rather dictatorial) British ruler waltzes in; offsetting in motion a series of catastrophes and chaos. 

A snapshot from part two of their ‘Azaadi’ series

An underlying layer of dark humour and satire is present, as ‘Azaadi and Bandookhein’ unveils history. Tracing back to pre partition India and to the nuclear affairs that have caged the trio: Pakistan, Kashmir and India, till today. 

An interesting assortment of characters make appearances throughout the videos. From chaotic India and Pakistan, to a slightly hysterical and undeserving Kashmir sandwiched between the mess of two separate nations. Along with intermittent appearances by the rambunctious United States and passive United Nations turning his head rather than taking an assertive humanitarian stance. 

The comic relief makes for entertainment, but ProperGaanda cleverly and compassionately highlights the bleeding issue at hand. One where between all the war and terrorism, Kashmir is fighting for self determination while being subjugated to excessive war hysteria, genocide and ethnic cleansing. 

ProperGaanda is run by Hamza Ghaznavi, Samah Akhtar and Syed Hussain Ali Shah. The platform regularly releases short documentaries on issues that usually go unseen and unheard, their recent PG SHORT ‘E-Diction’ delves into the dark side of gaming and the dying culture of gaming arcades.

Links to both parts: