Khamenei urges India to adopt fair policy towards Kashmiri Muslims


ISLAMABAD: Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Syed Ali Khamenei, while expressing grave concerns over the situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK), called on the Indian government to adopt a fair policy towards the people of the Muslim-majority region.

According to Iranian media reports, Ayatollah Khamenei made these remarks in a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his cabinet members in Tehran on Wednesday.

“We have good relations with the government of India but we expect them to adopt a just policy towards the people of Kashmir and to avoid oppression and bullying of the people,” he said.

Slamming Britain’s colonialist policies in the region, the Iranian supreme leader said that the present situation in the disputed territory is due to the decisions taken by the British government while they were retreating from the Indian subcontinent. “They intentionally left this wound open in the region,” he concluded.