Cases lodged against CDA high-ups in illegal houses transfer case


ISLAMABAD: A citizen of the federal capital lodged First Information Reports (FIR) in Abapara Police Station and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) against Khushal Khan and five other officials of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for allegedly being involved in the illegal transfer of houses in posh areas of the capital, which are said to be worth more than 20 million rupees, Pakistan Today has learnt.

In his application, the petitioner said that the original allotment letters of the houses are present with the court while the officials have illegally transferred the properties using fake documents and by bribing influential people.

Abapara Police Station SHO, while talking to Pakistan Today, confirmed the contents of the First Information Report (FIR) and said that a person named Sajid is the applicant. The SHO further said that action will be taken against the said officials as per law.

A source in FIA also confirmed the case filed against the officials and said that not only are the officials of the civic agency involved in this scam, but two officials of the Foreign Office (FO) are also included in the investigation.

A reliable source in State Management told Pakistan Today that Khushal Khan and his colleagues have been involved in such practices for a long time but no steps had been taken so far to stop them from these activities. The source further said that corrupt officials are using power and influence to transfer the ownership of houses in exchange for high sums.

When contacted, Khushal Khan denied all allegations against him. Commenting on the cases, he said that the transfers were totally in compliance with the law. He further said that owners of the houses have some ongoing financial issues which is why they are using such measures to pressurise the department. “The letter was allotted to the new owner under the bylaws of the department,” Khushal concluded.