White Lies


Eidul Azha came and went and with it were the usual comments on the practice of sacrifice itself.

Whereas there could be introspection within the faith itself about whether the mass sacrifice is done in a humane manner or not, it is also open season for Islamophobes to go around doing their thing.

Those Muslims decrying the manner of the practice, however, should also consider the burgers that they wolf down. Do they think that the local fast-food joint, local or international, has humane slaughterhouses?


Amongst those wanting to better Pakistan’s case on the international front in these thought times is our ‘down-town man’ Sheikh Rasheed, who wanted to be in the UK in London for this cause.

Umm. Okay, Mr Railways Minister.

He was, however, spotted with Aneel Mussarat, having a cup of coffee in a posh market.