Could solve Kashmir if PTI given one chance at Indian federal govt, says Imran


Prime Minister Imran Khan said on Friday that it would be unreasonable to expect his government to effectively solve the Kashmir problem because the tier of government that his party was running was not empowered to solve the issue.

“Do we expect for the Swabi district Nazim to solve, say, the law and order situation in the district,” he asked rhetorically, while speaking to reporters at a press conference. “No, of course not. Because it is not empowered to do anything on that front; law and order is a provincial subject.”

“Similarly, it was wrong to expect the KP government to solve the Kashmir issue because Foreign Affairs and Defence are federal subjects for which, the PTI needs to be in federal government in New Delhi,” he said. “Then, we can take effective steps on that front.”

Upon some reporters’ pointing out how unlikely it would be for the PTI to be given the federal government in India, the PM muttered under his breath that then he should at least be given the federal government in Pakistan.