White Lies


He’s tried the whole passive-aggressive girlfriend routine with the Sharifs and it didn’t work. So Chaudhry Nisar used the nuclear option and actually left the League at a sensitive point in time.

Now that he’s down, out and irrelevant, he’s toying with the idea of an actual nuclear option: revealing what he says are the inside details of “the distancing of the right-wing party from religion.” This is presumably about the change about the legislators’ oath that had the TLP so up in arms.

Religion, the last refuge? What a fall in stature, moral and otherwise, that the man has had.


After the scrapping of Section 370 in Indian Occupied Kashmir, the government had not only reaffirmed the ban on Indian movies but has also asked the channels not to have their Eid transmissions so there can be no celebratory atmosphere given the situation in the besieged valley.

The rules don’t apply to the elite, however. Several days after the incident, a rich Karachi-based businessman flew in an Indian singer for his son’s wedding. All visa restrictions be damned. Those only apply to poor villagers wanting to visit family members across the border.