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KP Police shift station to BHU Shakkai

–KP CM Adviser Ajmal Wazir says police station to be shifted from BHU

ISLAMABAD: In what appears to be a shocking development, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has set up its police station in the ill-equipped lonely Basic Health Unit (BHU) of tehsil Shakkai, which is the only health facility in the scenic valley catering to the need of Shakai’s population 70,000 as well as some of the adjacent areas of Mehsud belt.

The people of the valley were quite confident that the incumbent Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government would upgrade and provide the much-needed missing facilities to the unit since health is said to be among the top most priorities of the KP government, however, they were astonished to see that the government turned the health facility into a police station instead.

The government’s move was widely criticised by the people especially on social media because they were surprised as to how the government could occupy a portion of the BHU located in the main bazar of Tehsil Shakai.

According to the details provided by the official, the BHU catered to the need of around 70,000 people of Shakkai as well as some of the adjacent areas of Mehsud belt such as Tiraza, Baddar, Mantoi and Sharawangai.

Talking to Pakistan Today, the residents of the said areas said that they were greatly shocked by the government’s decision to convert the lonely BHU into police station.

“We attached high hopes to the PTI government to upgrade BHU and provide all the missing facilities but contrary to it, the government set up a police station, which is beyond comprehension,” they added.

They demanded that keeping in view the large number of beneficiaries, the government should upgrade the facility to a category D hospital so as its service could be enhanced and the local population could get better health facilities at their door steps.

Zahid, a resident of the valley, said that they welcomed police to Shakkai and it is commendable move, but converting BHU into a police station is strange move, which would not be accepted.

The locals urged the elected representatives to take notice of the issue and pressed the government to take back the unjust decision.

The official said that at present, medical OPD, medicines as per quota, free malaria diagnoses and medicines were being provided in the facility. The BHU also functions as EPI as well as community base nutrition management center, he added.

However, the official said, the facility deprived of some basic needs, which the government should have addressed on urgent basis because as there is no drinking water facility for patients and staff due to which they face great problems.

He said that unavailability of gynecological facility in the centre is another very serious issue, hence, LHV/MPT is direly needed.

He said that lack of technical staff and medicines is one of the major issues as one technician could not properly look after such a large number of patients, therefore, the government should deploy male technicians and dispensers as per population need, besides providing adequate supply of the medicines.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Adviser to KP Chief Minister Ajmal Khan Wazir, who belongs to Shakkai, said that he contacted Dera Ismail Khan Police DIG and directed him to vacate BHU instantly and shift the police station to another appropriate location.

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