Govt calls for ‘political unity’ over Kashmir cause


ISLAMABAD: The government on Tuesday called for unity among political parties over the Kashmir cause, saying that Kashmiris are looking towards Pakistanis in the time of need.

Addressing the media after the joint parliamentary session, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan said that the government respect’s oppositions wishes and would make additions it wanted but no controversy should be created on a resolution supporting the rights of the Kashmiris.

“Kashmiris are looking towards Pakistan in this time of dire need. We would like them to know that they are not alone; Pakistan will continue its diplomatic support for their cause and raise the matter on all relevant forums,” she said, adding that Pakistan is looking to raise the matter in the United Nations (UN) and ask the forum to look into India’s violation of their conventions.

Earlier, in a statement, Firdous said that the whole nation is united on the dispute as Kashmir is an important part of Pakistan. “[We] Will continue political, moral and diplomatic support to the people of Kashmir,” she reiterated.

Firdous said Prime Minister Imran Khan is contacting and apprising various world leaders on the recent developments on Kashmir dispute.

“Pakistan will forcefully present the case of Kashmir at every relevant international forum,” she said.

Firdous said the Indian government’s move of revoking Article 370 is disrespect and violation of the UN Security Council resolutions. She said the United Nations should seek an answer from India for this act to ensure the protection of its resolutions on the issue.

Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry called upon the political leadership to “stop fighting on trivial issues” and focus on the situation at hand.

“Modi government is trying to make Kashmir another Palestine by changing the population demography and bringing settlers into Kashmir. Parliamentarians must stop fighting on trivial issues; lets respond [to] India by blood, tears, toil and sweat, we must be ready to fight if war is imposed,” he said in a tweet.

‘Kashmir was and will remain disputed,” he added.