White Lies


In style, fitness and matters sartorial – if not much else – the prime minister cuts quite a figure.

After this US visit, the fellow who stitched his shalwar-kameez is seeing great business, with many lining a path to his door. Same for his coat.

And it appears the entire cabinet has taken to wearing his style of Peshawari chappal. The sincerest form of flattery.

Naysayers will say what they will but at least this bit-within-a-bit of the economy has been helped by this PM.


A spot of scandals for the cricket team. Many are connecting the dots between their poor performance and their off-the-field shenanigans.

Some of them have been (admittedly, unfairly) ‘screenshotted’ for being ‘eight-timers.’ Others have been screenshotted as well, while some seem to be too preoccupied by imminent wedding bells. The reason for this lacklustre performance? Not necessarily. But, again, why not connect the dots if one could?